Do I need an event planner?

What is your work schedule like?

We all know work holidays come and go. The days we take off go much quicker than the days we are there. One article I recently read stated that the average bride takes 6 days holiday to plan a wedding. And then there's all the late nights..weekends and times at work where you're planning. So, the moral is, do you really want to sacrifice time off to plan it?

Not only did you take those days off but are you being productive with them? Does the washing up creep up and need doing. Your child is unexpectedly ill? You don't want your attention to be elsewhere meaning the overall day will suffer and quality not to your standards. This is the last thing you want.

Are you spending enough time with your kids/partner?

Balancing different commitments can be very daunting and the last person that you want to suffer is the person you are doing all of this for. Dedicating time off where it could be spent elsewhere is a factor you should consider.

Forgetting the reason?

Sometimes, when taking on too much you can forget the reason you are doing all of this. This can lead to unwanted stress and perhaps, taking it out on the wrong person. This is unfair on everyone.

You may feel that suppliers are being difficult, chasing them up or not giving you the best deals. This can make you feel your efforts aren't appreciated.

Taking over?

If your wedding is the only thing you talk about, maybe just double check that the person you are talking too wants too talk about it. This can really help consider everyone around you and make sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet!

Do you need an event planner?

Always consider these different things when deciding if you should take on the stress of an event planner. With an event planner, you're in control, but you just have a helping hand.

Explore all options and work out what will work for you. I always respect ladies that plan there own wedding and I encourage anyone I can to do it. I am guilty for not asking for help when I probably should. This is what inspired my post.


5 ways to keep your celebration stress free!

Hi there! First of, thank you for taking the time to read my blog! I promise i'll keep it interesting, up to date and fun! Any questions please feel free to contact me using the 'Contact me' tab on my website

So, 5 top tips to ensure you have a stress free day. Stress is a common feeling especially when organising such a big & memorable day that possibly everyone you know will be at! No pressure! So how can we make it as stress free as possible for you.

1. Location!

When deciding where to host your big day (whether thats a wedding, birthday or other celebration) it's important to make sure it's somewhere with a few characteristics! Firstly, reviews? What have other people that used the venue said about the place. Reviews are easy to find so search online using Google, check out Facebook and see the comments or reviews made. If you want more answers, click onto one of the reviewers profile and message them a quick question to put your mind at ease. Takes two seconds and can be very effective.

When booking the venue, ask for testimonials and a gallery of events they've held before. A good venue will photograph all aspects and show it off. If there hiding something - be curious! Make sure to ask loads of questions and never feel like you are a burden as you should be cared for and nurtured!

Choosing a singular venue can be the answer. Whether it's for hotel accommodation or receptions then maybe its best to have it all in one spot (if the venue can accommodate this - don't settle for less for the sake of it) This will save money, save time and give more hours of enjoyment as well as eliminate the transport situations. Another benefit to one singular venue is people can feel more comfortable in there surroundings. They soon understand where facilities are and means for stress free guests.

2. Good (but valuable) support!

When planning your celebration, never feel like you can't reach out to your friends, family or partner. They want it to be as successful as you, so don't take all of it on on your own! As well as creating wonderful memories for everyone attending, there's a reason behind it! 

If you need a second opinion on something, I always recommend asking the older generation (this could be grandparents, neighbour or just a colleague.) Sometimes they are cruel to be kind. Always remember that everyone has an opinion and sometimes it's not wanted so make sure you ask people that you trust, know and connect with on a personal level. Last thing you want is more people adding in there stress - too many cooks spoil the broth! 

Quality over quantity.

3. Planning your time efficiently!

As much as you may want pedicures..waxing..blow drys before your big celebration. Keep it simple. Don't overwhelm yourself with too much on the day. Don't squeeze in something quickly in the morning. This just adds to the stress. Plan ahead and make sure you time it correctly. Get pamper treatments the day before..two days before. Whatever fits with the schedule. Just don't do on the day. This applies for men too!

4. Attending showcases or shows

Before your celebration, whether that is a wedding or not. Attend your local showcases. Even if they are based on weddings. No matter what, there will be loads of suppliers (all offering free samples may I add) that could benefit your celebrations. Having strong suppliers you've met with yourself gives you a real indication on the quality of there trade (natural instinct springs to mind) This gives you a chance to see exactly whats out there for you and the pricing. You may be able to save some money. Most of the showcases that happen will be in local hotels, halls or community centres and Google is a great place to locate them or ring round your local directory. Most of them are on weekends so shouldn't effect the working with and best of all free entry! If this is a celebration with your partner (perhaps a anniversary or engagement) then what better way to spend the day doing. Planning a celebration for the two of you.

5.Have fun!

Last but certainly not least. Have fun! Remember the whole reason your throwing a celebration and enjoy the adrenaline that it can bring. No one is expecting the world and if they are - don't invite them! Who wants that type of company at a special celebration? 

Alternatively, most even planners can provide on the day coordination. This dosen't have to cost the earth if you search for it right, they can take the stress of the day and make sure its exactly as you like. They've done it many times before!

I hope this help and any questions please feel free to email!

-love Charlotte x