Do I need an event planner?

What is your work schedule like?

We all know work holidays come and go. The days we take off go much quicker than the days we are there. One article I recently read stated that the average bride takes 6 days holiday to plan a wedding. And then there's all the late nights..weekends and times at work where you're planning. So, the moral is, do you really want to sacrifice time off to plan it?

Not only did you take those days off but are you being productive with them? Does the washing up creep up and need doing. Your child is unexpectedly ill? You don't want your attention to be elsewhere meaning the overall day will suffer and quality not to your standards. This is the last thing you want.

Are you spending enough time with your kids/partner?

Balancing different commitments can be very daunting and the last person that you want to suffer is the person you are doing all of this for. Dedicating time off where it could be spent elsewhere is a factor you should consider.

Forgetting the reason?

Sometimes, when taking on too much you can forget the reason you are doing all of this. This can lead to unwanted stress and perhaps, taking it out on the wrong person. This is unfair on everyone.

You may feel that suppliers are being difficult, chasing them up or not giving you the best deals. This can make you feel your efforts aren't appreciated.

Taking over?

If your wedding is the only thing you talk about, maybe just double check that the person you are talking too wants too talk about it. This can really help consider everyone around you and make sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet!

Do you need an event planner?

Always consider these different things when deciding if you should take on the stress of an event planner. With an event planner, you're in control, but you just have a helping hand.

Explore all options and work out what will work for you. I always respect ladies that plan there own wedding and I encourage anyone I can to do it. I am guilty for not asking for help when I probably should. This is what inspired my post.