Wedding proposals

The most new and upcoming service in the event industry. Coming from the city that never sleeps - New York!

Wedding proposal planning can help you plan the engagement between you and a loved one. Whether its a luxury penthouse in the city of London or a helicopter ride. I can make this happen. Think outside the box and let me help conduct it - so you can enjoy the moment.

Have a hidden photographer to capture this wonderful moment. 

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Whether celebrating 1 year, 2 years or 60 years. Each anniversary is a milestone occasion and should be one to remember and celebrate. Whether you are having a intimate do with family or a big celebration with friends. I can help. I can offer various types of events which can even be from the comfort of your own home.

From exclusive tea parties to big karaoke nights. Anything is possible! 

So why not book a free consultation today and explore all the options you have. As every event I offer is personal and bespoke pricing can be discussed at a consultation. Remember, a good event planner can save you money & stress. Email, ring or text to find out more. 



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Getting married is the most happiest day of your life. So why make it a day of stress?

Booking a free consultation can show what I can offer you as well as opening up what you may not think is possible or have the time to do. All the little details you won't have to worry about!

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Wedding bouncy castles coming soon..

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